Thought you’d have your sh*t together by now?

When I was in my twenties I had a magnificently clear picture of what my life would look like by forty. I’d be a well-known actor/director who had a fulfilling and sustainable career both in front of and behind the camera, a handsome loving husband, a couple of well-behaved kids, maybe a dog, and definitely, … Continue Reading

choose happy

Why “Choose Happy” is bu!!sh*t

Imagine this – You’re having a particularly rough time. Like, really crappy. Maybe you’re breaking up. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you had a health diagnosis that blows. Maybe you ran out of ice cream when you’re PMSing, I don’t know, whatever, just work with me. It’s a tough time. You’re feeling low. You … Continue Reading

How to survive the ‘suck back’ after a big achievement

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro recently. I have to admit it was an incredible lifetime achievement to stand atop all 5895m of the highest freestanding mountain in the world. I trained intensively for months leading up to the adventure, I raised money for my favorite charity, Rafiki Mwema and I had the support of all of … Continue Reading