The cost of perfectionism

What is the cost of your perfectionism?

Lucy* has a pretty damn near perfect life. She runs an award-winning business, she has been mostly happily married for 25 years, has two healthy kids, and a lovely home in a charming town. A busy, independent tower of strength, she would never ask for help and if anyone offers, forget it. She has everything … Continue Reading

attitude of gratitude inner peace

How an attitude of gratitude can bring you inner peace

If you hear ‘attitude of gratitude’ and die a little inside, you need to think again. If you’re skeptical about practicing gratitude to help bring you inner peace, let me shine a big fat light on the changes this daily gratitude practice brought to my life. I was having a tough time last year. There … Continue Reading

how to reignite your creative spark

How to reignite your creative spark

Creativity is a muscle, which we must exercise and hone for it to become sculpted and strong. If we ignore it, it simply withers and gathers fluff like an apple core in the bottom of your handbag. Luckily, like those disused muscles, once you get going again you can reignite creative spark with a little … Continue Reading

How to find work you love and start enjoying your job

You know you need a work change but you’re not sure how to find work you love, especially if don’t quite know what you want to do.You wake up with dread every morning and drag yourself to work. You lost the love for your industry a while ago, but you can’t see a way out. … Continue Reading