Don’t wait until you burnout before you make changes. I did. And it wasn’t pretty.

Until I realised I could have the lifestyle, relationships and success I desired without sacrificing balance, harmony or what’s truly important to me, I was running on empty. 

No more. 

Discovering that the biggest obstacle to you living your most satisfying life is YOU, is the first step to making positive and sustainable changes. 

Are you living on stress and grind, second guessing yourself, overwhelmed and wondering exactly when you sold your soul for life on a hamster wheel? Or maybe life feels like you’re just spinning your wheels and you are missing your sparkle, your passion, your drive and your mojo?

It’s time now to really live. For you. On your terms. In a way that feels good, is sustainable and allows you to be, do and have everything you desire. 

It’s time to step into your Chocolate Bar Life.

Together we will work on your personal compass to guide you forward. We’ll release the toxic crap holding you back and help you achieve your goal of physical and emotional success and wellbeing.

Together, we discover your full potential and bring into your awareness your true self. You will develop inner peace, self-acceptance, confidence, mind and body balance, clarity, happiness, a sense of purpose and motivation and so much more.


  • Rock solid boundaries preventing burn out
  • Feeling worthy of success and happiness
  • Honouring self and quitting ‘people pleasing’
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem
  • Ditching the pressure to be ‘successful’
  • Improving or attracting healthy relationships
  • Ending self-sabotage & perfectionism
  • Clearing personal trauma & grief
  • Mastering procrastination 
  • Discovering purpose and passion
  • Managing stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Getting out of your rut and stop feeling stuck

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I wanted a coach to help me lose a few kilos, however, through the Breakthrough program I went deeper and found a multitude of awakenings that I never knew were there, and buried so deep. These were the root cause of many things holding me back – both professionally and personally. I had amazing sessions, and now am able to walk through life more confidently and without that invisible burden holding me back. Highly recommended.

– Dani O’Grady, Human Resources

Danielle got me to focus specifically on goal setting and establishing a framework that enables me to achieve them.

Some gentle arse kicking can go a long way when changing things up. 

Working with Danielle left me invigorated, in good cheer and feeling really positive about what I can achieve this year.

– Alison Hallworth, Marketing