Your Relationship

Thought you’d have your sh*t together by now?

When I was in my twenties I had a magnificently clear picture of what my life would look like by forty. I’d be a well-known actor/director who had a fulfilling and sustainable career both in front of and behind the camera, a handsome loving husband, a couple of well-behaved kids, maybe a dog, and definitely, … Continue Reading

signs you need couples counselling

8 signs you need marriage counseling

Recognising the signs you need marriage counseling may not be as simple as you may think. When your relationship is sailing smoothly on the love boat, it feels like the pair of you are invincible. You can smash any goal with your lover by your side, and you can’t imagine the rainbow would ever end. … Continue Reading

how to be better in bed

7 steps to being better in bed & finding your inner sex goddess

Only someone very cocky would say they don’t want to be better in bed. But if the very words “be better in bed” conjure images of contortionist like bends while playing exotic music, or weekend long sessions of tantra from which you emerge emaciated but smiling, think again. A healthy, positive and regular sex life … Continue Reading

make or break your relationship

Make or break your relationship with these 10 things

It would be a perfect world if our relationship was always giggles and bubbles, but it’s also fairly unrealistic anywhere except Instagram. Relationships aren’t easy, but there are certain behaviors that can make or break your relationship without you even realising. When you bring two fabulous individuals together with different personalities, big opinions, kooky or … Continue Reading