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how to reignite your creative spark

How to reignite your creative spark

Creativity is a muscle, which we must exercise and hone for it to become sculpted and strong. If we ignore it, it simply withers and gathers fluff like an apple core in the bottom of your handbag. Luckily, like those disused muscles, once you get going again you can reignite creative spark with a little … Continue Reading

how to be better in bed

7 steps to being better in bed & finding your inner sex goddess

Only someone very cocky would say they don’t want to be better in bed. But if the very words “be better in bed” conjure images of contortionist like bends while playing exotic music, or weekend long sessions of tantra from which you emerge emaciated but smiling, think again. A healthy, positive and regular sex life … Continue Reading

bust stress in 60 seconds with these 5 tips

Bust stress in 60 seconds with these 5 tips

Stress is a side effect of life. We’re all busy juggling multiple roles in our lives, and just the right amount of stress actually helps us perform at optimum level. An excess of stress, however, has the opposite effect on the body and mind. You may become irritable, sleepless, anxious and even depressed. Over a … Continue Reading

How I stopped being mental as

There are times in my life where the thread that holds me together gets a little thin. At times, I feel mental as. Throw in some stress, a wild pack of hormones, and a dose of sickness in the house and it’s just a matter of time before the geyser of doom blows. There are … Continue Reading

Can’t meditate? Give active meditation a crack

  Research has shown that meditation can help to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increase your happiness and wellbeing. If you’re screwing up your face and saying “Tried it, but I can’t do it” chances are you didn’t find the right style for you. Everyone can meditate, but maybe active meditation is more your thing. … Continue Reading

How to find work you love and start enjoying your job

You know you need a work change but you’re not sure how to find work you love, especially if don’t quite know what you want to do.You wake up with dread every morning and drag yourself to work. You lost the love for your industry a while ago, but you can’t see a way out. … Continue Reading

make or break your relationship

Make or break your relationship with these 10 things

It would be a perfect world if our relationship was always giggles and bubbles, but it’s also fairly unrealistic anywhere except Instagram. Relationships aren’t easy, but there are certain behaviors that can make or break your relationship without you even realising. When you bring two fabulous individuals together with different personalities, big opinions, kooky or … Continue Reading