The Chocolate Bar Life ® was born from wanting my life to have greater impact and meaning and for my work to be able to help others to live a happier, more peaceful and more kickass life.

Hi, I’m Danielle Colley, AUTHOR, SPEAKER AND COACH

I’m an integrative life coach who lives at the foot of a mountain by the Sydney ocean with my rascally kids, my most excellent husband and a swag of delightful animals including a three-legged cat named Lucky.

As a former solo parent and freelance health and wellbeing journalist, I understand the impact that overwhelm, self doubt and pressure play on your ability to reach your full potential. At the height of my success, with my byline featured in many of Australia’s top publications, my nervous system short circuited. I burnt out.

Instead of living a frazzled, reactive life, I decided I wanted my life to feel expansive and abundant. I wanted to feel adventurous and peaceful. I wanted connection and balance. And now I help others to get out of their own way so they can experience this too.

The Chocolate Bar Life ® was born from a desire to help people to have the knowledge and tools so they can reach professional and personal success without sacrificing themselves, their true desires or their emotional balance.

Using integrative methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positivity Psychology Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing, my coaching programs have helped hundreds of women to step into their power, to align with their authentic selves and to create sustainable transformation and most importantly bring more peace and joy to their lives, their careers and their relationships.

In a nutshell, I help you to live a kickass, mojo-filled, super-satisfied life that is wildly enjoyable to live.